# Button

KButton is probably the most used Kongponent. It supports a number of variations and configuration options.

<KButton appearance="primary">I'm a button</KButton>

# Props

# appearance

The Button component can take 1 of 6 appearance values:

  • primary
  • secondary
  • outline
  • danger
  • creation
  • btn-link
<KButton class="mr-2 mb-2" appearance='primary'>Primary</KButton>
<KButton class="mr-2 mb-2" appearance="secondary">Secondary</KButton>
<KButton class="mr-2 mb-2" appearance='outline'>Outline</KButton>
<KButton class="mr-2 mb-2" appearance='danger'>Danger</KButton>
<KButton class="mr-2 mb-2" appearance="creation">Creation</KButton>
<KButton class="mr-2 mb-2" appearance='btn-link'>btn-link</KButton>

# size

We support small, medium, and large sizes, default to medium.

  • small
  • medium
  • large




# showCaret

Use this prop if you would like the KButton to display a dropdown caret to the right hand side.

The Komponent component is used in this example to create state.

<Komponent:data="{ isActive: false }" v-slot="{ data }">
    @click="data.isActive = !data.isActive">
    I'm a button

# isRounded

The buttons are rounded by default. This can be disabled by setting isRounded prop to false.

<KButton appearance="primary" :isRounded="false">I'm a button</KButton>
<KButton appearance="primary" >I'm a button</KButton>

# icon

A string for the KIcon name to be displayed to the left of the button's content. Specifying a value for icon will automatically indicate that it should be visible.

If the disable state of the button can be changed, it is recommended to use the icon property instead of the slot, as using the prop will apply correct coloring to the icon depending on the disabled state of the button.

<KButton appearance="primary" icon="spinner">I'm a button</KButton>
<KButton appearance="primary" icon="spinner" disabled>I'm a button</KButton>

# to

KButton can render either a <a> or <router-link> by simply passing the to prop. If it receives an object it will render a router link. If it receives a string it will render an HTML anchor tag

Router Link! Anchor Link!
  :to="{path: '/'}"
  appearance="btn-link">Router Link!</KButton>
  appearance="btn-link">Anchor Link!</KButton>

# disabled

KButton also supports the disabled attribute with both Button and Anchor types.

Disabled Native Anchor Link
<KButton appearance="danger" disabled>Disabled Danger</KButton>
  disabled>Disabled Native Anchor Link</KButton>

# Slots

# Icon

KButton supports using an icon either before the text or without text. If you are using the slot you must maintain the icon color yourself when the button is enabled or disabled.

<KButton appearance="secondary">
  <template v-slot:icon>
    <KIcon icon="externalLink" />
  With Text
<KButton appearance="secondary" size="small">
  <template v-slot:icon>
    <KIcon icon="gear" />

# Theming

Variable Purpose
--KButtonPrimaryBase Primary background
--KButtonPrimaryHover Primary hover state
--KButtonPrimaryActive Primary active state
--KButtonSecondaryBase Secondary background
--KButtonSecondaryHover Secondary hover state
--KButtonSecondaryActive Secondary active state
--KButtonSecondaryFocus Secondary focus box shadow color
--KButtonDangerBase Danger background
--KButtonDangerHover Danger hover state
--KButtonDangerActive Danger active state
--KButtonCreationBase Creation background
--KButtonCreationHover Creation hover state
--KButtonCreationActive Creation active state
--KButtonOutlineColor Outline text color
--KButtonOutlineBorder Outline border
--KButtonOutlineHoverBorder Outline hover state border
--KButtonOutlineActive Outline active state
--KButtonOutlineActiveBorder Outline active state border
--KButtonLink Button link variant
--KButtonLinkDanger Button Danger link variant
--KButtonPaddingY Button vertical (top and bottom) padding
--KButtonPaddingX Button horizontal (left and right) padding
--KButtonRadius Button corner radius

An Example of changing the primary KButton variant to purple instead of blue might look like.

  <KButton class="purple-button" appearance="primary">PURPLE!</KButton>

.purple-button {
  --KButtonPrimaryBase: #494ca2;
  --KButtonPrimaryHover: #6c6ebd;
  --KButtonPrimaryActive: #3c3f86;

There is also a .non-visual-button utility class that can be used for buttons that should not look like buttons.

<KButton class='non-visual-button'>Click Me</KButton>