# TextArea

KTextArea - Text areas are primarily used in modal views (wizards).

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<KTextArea />

# Props

# label

String to be used as the textarea label.

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<KTextArea label="Name" placeholder="I'm labelled!" />

If the label is omitted it can be handled with another component, like KLabel. This is meant to be used before KTextArea will be styled appropriately.

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  <KTextArea placeholder="I have a label" />

# labelAttributes

Use the labelAttributes prop to configure the KLabel's props if using the label prop.

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    help: 'I use the KLabel `help` prop'

# overlayLabel

Enable this prop to overlay the label on the input element's border. Defaults to false. Make sure that if you are using the built in label you specify the --KInputBackground theming variable. This variable is used for the background of the label as well as the input element.

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<KTextArea label="Name" placeholder="I'm labelled!" :overlay-label="true" />

# size

You can specify rows, cols for the textarea size.

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<KTextArea label="Size" :rows=3 :cols=20 placeholder="I'm labelled and customized!" />
<KTextArea :rows=8 :cols=25 placeholder="rows:8, cols:25"  />

# characterLimit

Use this prop to specify a character limit for the textarea, defaults to 2048.

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<KTextArea :characterLimit="20" />

# disableCharacterLimit

Use this prop to remove the character limit on the textarea. Defaults to false.

<KTextArea disable-character-limit />

# v-model

KTextArea works as regular texarea do using v-model for data binding:

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<Komponent :data="{myInput: 'hello'}" v-slot="{ data }">
  {{ myInput }}
  <KTextArea v-model="data.myInput" />

# Events

KTextArea has a couple of natural event bindings.

  • input - Fired on change, returns the content of the textarea

  • char-limit-exceeded - Fired when the text starts or stops exceeding the limit, returns an object:

        value,          // current value
        length,         // length of current value
        characterLimit, // character limit
        limitExceeded   // whether or not the limit has been exceeded

KTextArea also transparently binds to events:

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<Komponent :data="{myInput: 'hello'}" v-slot="{ data }">
      @blur="e => (data.myInput = 'blurred')"
      @focus="e => (data.myInput = 'focused')"

# Theming

Variable Purpose
--KInputColor Input text color
--KInputBorder Input border / label color
--KInputBackground Input and label background color
--KInputHover Input border / label hover color
--KInputFocus Input border / label focus color
--KInputDisabledBackground Input disabled background color
--KInputError Input error border color
--KInputPlaceholderColor Placeholder text color

An Example of changing the error border color of KInput to pink might look like:

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  <KTextArea class="custom-input input-error" type="email" value="error" />

.custom-input {
  --KInputError: hotpink;