# ToolTip

KoolTip is a tooltip component that is used when you need a simple label to be displayed when hovering over an element. KoolTip has a single slot that takes in the element that you want the tooltip to trigger over. At least the label prop must be passed in for the tooltip to display anything. For example a button:

<KoolTip label="Video Games">

# Props

# label

Here you can pass in the text to display in the toolip.

  • I am a new sample label
<KoolTip label="I am a new sample label">
  <KButton>Sample Button</KButton>

# placement

This is where the tooltip will appear - by default it appears on top. Here are the different options:

  • top
  • bottom
  • left
  • right
<KoolTip placement="bottom" label="A label that appears on the bottom">
  <KButton>Sample Button</KButton>

# positionFixed

Use fixed positioning of the popover to avoid content being clipped by parental boundaries - defaults to false. See KPop docs for more information.

# maxWidth

You can set the maximum width of a Tooltip with the maxWidth property. maxWidth defaults to auto.

<KoolTip placement="bottom" max-width="300" label="A label that appears on the bottom. A label that appears on the bottom">

# Slots

  • Default There is a main slot that takes in the element you want the popover to be triggered over.
<KoolTip label="a cool label">
  <!-- Your element goes here -->
  • Content This allows you to slot in any html content
  <template v-slot:content>
    <span><b>yoyo</b> <span class="color-red-500">kooltip</span></span>

# Theming

Variable Purpose
--KoolTipBackground Background color
--KoolTipColor Color of text


<KoolTip class="tooltip-blue" label="Video Games">
  <KButton class="primary">themed tooltip</KButton>
.tooltip-blue {
  --KoolTipBackground: var(--blue-300);
  --KoolTipColor: var(--blue-500);