# Adding a new icon to KIcon

There are a number of steps required to add a new icon file to KIcon. Follow these steps to ensure the component can properly render the SVG file.

  1. Adding the new icon

    • To start, copy your svg source code into SVGOMG (opens new window) to compress and clean up. You should be fine using the default settings however, feel free to play around to get the most optimal output.


    You can copy the svg by exporting it directly from Figma or by opening the file that design sends over.

    • Once you have run the svg through SVGOMG, copy it out and paste as a new file in the /packages/KIcon/icons/ folder with the name icn-{iconName}.svg
    • For accessibility support, make sure to include a <title>. If no <title> element is provided in the SVG, the icon name will be used, after removing icn-, splitting on capital letters, separating with spaces, and then capitalizing each word. For example, icn-featureRequest.svg becomes Feature Request.
  2. Add to KIcon
    Now that the file has been saved to the icons folder import and export it in /packages/KIcon/icons/index.js

    import {iconName} from './icn-{iconName}.svg'
    export default {
  3. Update Tests
    The last step is to ensure the KIcon tests pass. Each icon is tested to ensure it matches an existing snapshot. Because this is a new icon you will need to update the snapshots. From The root directory run yarn test packages/KIcon/KIcon.spec.js --updateSnapshot.

Thats it you're done! Git push and PR! 🎉


KIcon can only contain path elements. If the icon you are bringing in includes circle, ellipse, rect, text, etc those elements will not be displayed. It is recommended to update your icon to only paths before bringing into Kongponents.